About Accendo Press


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Accendo Press is home to fiction authors Heather Hildenbrand, Angeline Kace, and Jennifer Sommersby. We are three writer friends, helping propel each other onward and upward in our publishing careers. We provide mutual assistance with covers, editing, formatting, and everything else book-ish. As our collaborative efforts expanded, we asked, "Why not give ourselves the umbrella of a publishing label to operate under, lending credibility and a promise of professionalism to our readers?" Thus, we created Accendo Press to give our efforts a name and a brand.

When we set out to name our press, we knew it had to be meaningful and inspiring, not just to us as writers but to our readers, as well. Accendo (a-CH-endo), a Latin word, means “to kindle, illuminate, inflame, or set fire.” This is exactly what we strive to do, within a reader’s imagination, with every title released by Accendo Press. And the double meaning wasn’t lost on us, as we’re already such big fans of the digital e-reader wave!

Currently, Accendo Press is a closed publishing group. When the time comes to expand, it will be done via invitation only. As part of the duties of the group, we beta read, critique, edit, copy edit, proofread, and provide graphic design support. It's a lot of work, and members must make the commitment to support one another throughout the exhaustive indie publication process. 

We are aware of how many fantastical, beautific, and slammin’ authors there are among us and we would love to include everyone, but right now, it’s just not feasible. We’re new at this and need some time to get our sea legs, so to speak.

But we're happy to continue to support all of our fellow indies. Go indies!!