Thursday, August 9, 2012

Interview with Anne Violet, on self-publishing

Anne Violet, author of Enchant Me, is here today, answering our questions about her journey on self-publishing vs. traditional.

AP says: Where did the publishing journey begin for you?

Anne says: When I finished writing Enchant Me, I thought the only way to go was traditional publishing. I researched agents, and sent out more queries than I can remember. After about three months I heard from an agent. He told me that I had been pulled out of the slush pile by his assistant, and they really liked my work. I cried when I called my best friend and dad; I was so happy. I was struggling financially, and really needed a quick turnaround. I imagined immediate overnight success, with a decent advance. I know, I know, don’t laugh. Six months later he still hadn’t found a home for it. We’d never signed a contract, so I was back on my own. Like many artists, while I definitely had my moments of doubt, I did believe in my work, but felt lost on what to do, so more months passed.

AP says: What made you decide to go for it and try self-publishing?

Anne says: I am still good friends with my ex-mother in law, and after reading my story she convinced me not to give up on it. I belong to Romance Writers of America, and many authors including traditionally published authors were going the self-publishing route, so I figured what the heck, I’ll put it up on Amazon and see what happens. It started as a slow trickle of about three to four books a day, but sales have obviously grown beyond that. My sales go up and down, but I make more money, more often than I would’ve if I had gone traditional.

AP says: What do you love about self-publishing?

Anne says: Self-publishing gives a freedom that authors have dreamed of for a long time. Now authors can truly write what they love, not be restricted by what’s popular, or what the publisher thinks is going to sell. If you want to write a historical zombie romance, you can. I don’t know if you’ll make much money, but there are no limits to your creative freedom.

AP says: What is one thing an aspiring writer should do before either self-publishing or going traditional?

Anne says: If you are considering joining the ranks of the self-published, please join a writers group, there is one for about every genre. Hopefully the group you join is diverse in its experiences and knowledge, that way you don’t get just one point of view. I don’t know how well I would do without the advice and support of my group, they’re an invaluable resource in every way.

Thanks so much for stopping by and answering our questions. We’re so excited to read Enchant Me!
Even though she is only 17 years old, Alexis Maher has her life planned out, in all its creative, wacky, splendor. Unfortunately, fate has other plans. Her psychotic ex-boyfriend is stalking her, her new boyfriend is keeping a dangerous secret, and her own burgeoning powers just might kill her.

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