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Generation Gap, A Mother & Son Duo

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Now, on to this week's post!

This week we asked C.A. Kunz, the mother/son duo and authors of the most amazing YA fantasy, The Childe, to stop by and give us the dirt, aka the real deal, on working with a partner.

We just had to know how they do it, because we're not really sure we could work with our mothers. #WeLoveOurMommysThough #Promise.

And, as you're all coming to expect (and rightly so) -- stay tuned for an EPIC giveaway at the end. #BecauseWeLoveYou and also because #WeAreAddictedToHashtags

Generation Gap: Working as a Mother and Son Author Duo

Right about now you’re probably wondering, what do Carol Kunz and Adam Kunz have in common? Well, you’re actually probably wondering who Carol Kunz and Adam Kunz are. We’re the mother and son author duo who are also known as C.A. Kunz. Next, you’re probably asking yourself, how did a mother and son start writing together? We could give you the long version, but the short version is I (Adam) always knew it was a lifelong dream of my mom’s to write a book. So, after a failed attempt at writing a screenplay with a friend of mine, I decided to approach her with an idea for a novel. Little did she know that it would turn into a four to five book series and not just be a onetime deal like I had led her to believe, hehehe.

Our venture into the literary world began with our debut novel, The Childe. Two things were certain when we started our series: 1) It would be catered to young adults and 2) It would contain every paranormal creature that we both loved while growing up. I’d list the things that happened which were completely unexpected, but that would be a much looooonger list.

So how many out there think it’s easy to write with a partner, let alone another family member? Oops, I forgot that we won’t be able to see you raise your hands or hear your answers. Well, let me just answer for you by saying, contrary to popular belief, two heads are not necessarily always better than one. Not only do we have a generation gap between us, but we also have the gender thing to contend with as well. People seem to be fascinated by the fact that we write together as a mother and son, and can’t seem to wrap their heads around how exactly we go about it. Do we argue (for the record, I call it discussing)? Of course we do. Do we have different opinions about where the story should go? Heck yes. Does my Mom want to add more romance to our book? That’s a no brainer. Do I like more suspense and action? Uh, in a word, yes! Yet somehow we always find a happy balance, even if it’s after a lot of arguing (I mean discussing).

Writing together has done a lot for us in ways we couldn’t imagine. Besides the joy we feel when we hold the physical copies of our books in our hands, we’ve also had the chance to meet so many wonderful fans, bloggers, and fellow authors along the way. We wouldn’t give up this experience for anything. We love the fact that we get to see each other more often than we would if we weren’t writing. We also speak daily on the phone about our current books, future books, and life in general, and no, before you say anything, I’m not a momma’s boy…well I guess I kind of am (but don’t tell her that I said so).

Our advice (for what it’s worth) is when writing with a partner, the journey to the end is always well worth it if you’re having fun. The moment you stop having fun, is the moment you should take a break. Buuuuut NEVER give up! We know it’s not easy, and yes you have to work hard, and yes you have to listen, and yes you have to be patient, and you also have to come to the painful realization that your partner can NOT read your mind no matter how hard you stare at them and concentrate, hahaha! These are all things you must train yourself to do if you want to make it work with your writing partner. We’re just glad that we kind of have it down to a science now…kind of.

Oh, and one last note. This post would not be complete without mentioning one special person, my dad/Carol’s husband, who is not only the illustrator of all the drawings inside our books, but he’s also our cook/waiter/barista when we have our long edit sessions, and an impartial referee when needed. Robert Kunz is a saint of saints in our world of writing!

P.S. Here are a few tid-bits of info we wanted to pass along to you all:1) We will be attending the UtopYA convention in Nashville, Tennessee on July 6th, 7th, and 8th. There are going to be some truly AMAZING authors there and I’m sure we’d all love to see your smiling faces.
2) Also, a little ways down the road (labor day weekend to be exact), we will be at the Decatur, Georgia Independent book festival, which just so happens to be the LARGEST Indie book festival in the country!

P.P.S. My mom says that she will not be held liable for anything in this post because I’m the one who typed it. Also, she wants me to remind everyone that any unflattering comments or remarks made in this post about her are all rumors and untrue.


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Charlie Steffy said...

This mother/son duo is so incredibly talented. The story line keeps you wanting more. It really IS "un-put-down-able" and one other critic wrote. Congratulations on two successful novels and can't wait for more!

Diana said...

Very beautiful post and thank you for the great giveaway!

AuthorTiffany said...

I love C.A Kunz!!! Carol because she's a great-positive-lovable person. She makes you want to be a better person <3
Adam because he could be a clone of me (scary I know.) We can talk for hours about everything book related and may ignore everyone else around us ;)

PS: if you haven't read The Childe you're missing out!!!

PSS: I love Robert Kunz too because he is my go-to-Harry-Potter-guru!!!

Donna Hardel said...

C.A.Kunz is a superb writing team! I loved reading The Childe and Dark Days and found it easy to put myself in the place of Cat. A great read that is hard to put down. Keep up the great work and I am patiently waiting for the third book in the series to come out.

C.A. Kunz said...

Thanks guys for you comments, Adam and I really appreciate them. BIG HUGS to ALL :)Oh and of course a BIG Thanks to Ascendo Press for featuring us, we are so honored. :)